Our aim is to reach out on current, pressing Climate and Energy related issues.

These will be done through local and State-wide contacts or

projects involving research and surveys, with other collaborators.

Some examples have been:

This has received wide publicity, some of which has been driven by us. My key contact has been with Carolyn Emms, President Rainforest Reserves, who is organising community-based pushback against the wholesale destruction of endangered fauna and flora in the tropical wetlands of Far North Queensland. This short video explains what is at stake better than many paragraphs of prose.

I have promoted donations from as many sources as possible and made sure Carolyn is involved in our wider network of groups like Wind Farm Living and Save Our Surroundings. Debra has published an article in RoobsFlyer and I have acted as a sounding board and collaborator regarding organising a local protest and now the possibility of developing a Class Action (in addition to their case on Infrasound noise).

I have been involved for several months now with a group of farmers from the Callide Valley region of Central Queensland, who are pushing back against pending wind and solar projects. They now have an active network of concerned residents as well as miners, whose jobs are being threatened. This is a high-priority project at present.

Kevin has recently run as a climate and energy realist candidate for the NSW seat of Ballina. As he is our regular member and part of an affiliated Northern Rivers group, we have participated in supporting this both on-ground and with donations. Kevin has placed Climate and Energy Realism full-page adverts in the Byron Bay Echo, using Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) records, which they chose not to challenge.


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